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Hi, I’m Kameron Nettleton. I’m an American author who has loved the power of words since I was in grade school. I was always inspired by stories and wanted to one day create them myself.

I write all kinds of things; I’m a novelist, I love to write short stories, I’ve written features for public relations, I can whip up a press release quickly, I write content marketing materials for a consultant firm in my hometown, and I was well-regarded in the Evangel University Humanities department for my essay-writing. Writing is what I love to do!

This site was created with that in mind. I want to become a better writer, and I want to be able to share my stories with people who care about the power of words as much as I do. Browse the Blog for a more personal look at my life and my take on the world, or check out my library to see how you can purchase my first novel or one of my short stories (with many more to come!). If you’re looking for someone to write for you, from an email to a book, the Contact Me page can help you get in touch with me personally, so we can discuss ways that we might be able to work together.